I Blame Felix Ungar, and One of You

At last, The Prize!

After watching my diet and denying myself so many temptations (in their thousands, believe me), I finally said goodbye to all those excess pounds I’ve carried around for years.  Much work remains in toning and in sculpting, but I’m free – finally!  Carbs now can make (considerably) limited appearances, and this club sandwich reintroduces them to a hungry stomach.   Ahhhh…

Until a couple months ago, such treats were a distant memory and I tied not to think of them too much.  It was working, too, up to one evening when I happened across The Odd Couple (not the ’70s television series, but the even earlier movie based on Neil Simon’s play) just about the time Felix makes sandwiches for his card-playing pals.

A club sandwich, on pumpernickel, mmmmm.  Yes, that’s exactly what I want.  No!  No, I won’t!  I’ve got to focus.  Change the channel  Think about something else, anything else.  Okay, okay, I’m good now.

Or I was good for a few days.  Then one of you sent me a picture of a sandwich she enjoyed for lunch, and I was lost.  That lunch looked so scrumptious, it obsessed me.  From that moment onward, sandwiches were a fire on my brain.  So you did this to me.  Yes, you know who you are.  I hold you and Jack Lemmon responsible.

Responsible for what, though?  It turns out the sandwich was so delicious it fulfilled many weeks of foodie yearnings.  Maybe the anticipation you inspired made it all the more tasty.  It did.  Yes, I definitely should thank you.

Indeed, I need to thank so many of you for the  support, interest and kind comments you provided as I struggled to exile the fat man imprisoning me.  You made all of this possible, and I remain deeply grateful.  This opens a whole world of foods to explore, as carbs no longer are completely out of the question.

In fact, keep watching, as something different is coming.

By the way, in The Odd Couple scene that set my final course, Felix’s poker buddies laugh that he’s so particular, he even washes the playing cards.  Then it struck me – I completely am Felix Ungar.



2 thoughts on “I Blame Felix Ungar, and One of You

  1. Uh huh. A modest creation, sure, but after foregoing sandwiches (and most other carbs) for nearly a year it was a memorable meal. Absence definitely made the heart fonder, to overuse the cliché yet again.


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