Muito obrigado por tudo!

How spectacular would a cake have to be make one happy to be at work, even while returning after a long holiday weekend?  To achieve this miracle, the cake would need to be extraordinary, of course, featuring multiple strata of moist, rich chocolate and topped with an ethereal white layer.

Such would be the confection of dreams.  It gets even better, though, because Dulce de Leche fills in between the levels, infusing each bite with transcendent goodness.  Finally, a creamy cocoa frosting crowns it all, vaulting this wonder beyond Exceptional, all the way to Legendary.

One of this blog’s readers, let’s call her “Z,” created this masterpiece to celebrate my and another reader’s birthdays.  What a magnificent gift!

Naturally, most of you already know “Z” and even those of you who don’t may have guessed from this post’s title that she specializes in bringing us a delicious bit of her native Brazil with each creation.  If Brazil knew what it was losing, I doubt “Z” would have been permitted to move to the US.

Not only did we gain a supremely talented cake maker, but “Z” also concocts the most wonderful Brazilian confections.  Just look at the tray of candies below – aren’t they gorgeous?  How can one person be so good at all of this?




3 thoughts on “Muito obrigado por tudo!

  1. “Z” is one of my favorite people in the world and everything she has ever brought in for Bday treats has been incredible. Thank you for putting the spotlight on her, and thanks for sharing with us “Z”! Enjoy your time back home!

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