So Addiction Begins

With a fanfare, not a whisper.  One taste is enough to banish all thoughts except how to get more…and more…and more…

Such happened today with the Zucchini Bread one of you brought in to share with the office.   Moist, buttery and packed with flavor, the first bite is sublime and the transcendence continues, unbroken, throughout.  The Zucchini Bread’s creator brought in one of the loaves she made to keep it from tempting her.  With that, she made her problem ours.  Nice.

When the Terrified Amateur was much younger, a child, many older relatives called zucchini bread, “cake.”  The zucchini bread served then bore little resemblance to real cake and that disparity led to a disappointed eight-year-old.  Today’s entry, however, is cake, fully as rich, moist and satisfying as the most succulent pound cake.

Even at that, though, pound cake is something of a one-hit wonder, sounding the same buttery note over and over.  Today’s Zucchini Bread takes that inspiration and carries it forward, adding spices and sweetness and folding them into a scrumptious package.

Who knew eating vegetables would be so wonderfully enjoyable?  Thanks, Laura!


2 thoughts on “So Addiction Begins

    1. Well, Laura, your baking made so many people happy today. If you can do this with squash, imagine the heights to which you’d bring peaches or berries. Maybe it’s best you started us slowly, gradually. Shortcake would’ve caused madness.


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