Look What Was Under the Tree!

Today’s entry started its way to us Christmas morning, when gift cards were among the presents.  Over the couple months that followed, those cards produced mail-order merchandise, including King Crab legs and tamarind paste.  Their selection had a purpose, as they’re the headliners in Kdam Char Umpey, or Cambodian Tamarind Crab. As with so many… Continue reading Look What Was Under the Tree!

What Is It with Baguettes?

For the second week running, the local bakery has supplied an ingredient crucial to the weekly entry, namely, a loaf of crusty French bread.  Last week, baguette slices were instrumental to completing a savory bouillabaisse, and today they’re  even more central, forming the crunchy foundation for Shrimp Toast. Specifically, this is the Cambodian version of… Continue reading What Is It with Baguettes?

Don’t Let the Picture Mislead You

Other dishes we’ve seen, most actually, have been more colorful, their vibrancy advertising the intense tastes waiting to be unleashed.  Every once in a while, though, something comes along that gives no warning of the flavorful journey that’s ahead.  Such a surprise is today’s entry, Cambodian Spicy Lemongrass Chicken. You likely guessed that this is… Continue reading Don’t Let the Picture Mislead You

Coconut Experiment #58

This could be the fifty-eighth recipe featuring coconut, though its precedence on these pages is far less established.  Prior to this, there have been fleeting glimpses – one or two (maybe),  but you’re here for the first time an entire entry is devoted to coconut.  Not only that, in cupcakes no less! Of  course, credit where it’s due – the idea… Continue reading Coconut Experiment #58

Hope You Like Ginger

Of course, if you’re among the half of this page’s readers (myself included) who’s overcoming a chest cold, the ginger will clear your airways in addition to making this dish delicious.  If you’re fortunate enough not to be afflicted, just enjoy ginger’s sweet, fragrant bite. This recipe comes from Cambodia, a tropical land of perpetual summer,… Continue reading Hope You Like Ginger

A Vibrant Thread in Our Tapestry

Another southeast Asian inspiration, this one Cambodian, by way of Boston of all places.  There you’ll find one of our country’s most sizable Cambodian-American communities and the recipes they brought with them and adapted to their new home. One such dish is the chicken creation you see above, lively with tropical flavors such as lemongrass, yet including a quintessentially… Continue reading A Vibrant Thread in Our Tapestry