Unwrap for a Reward

Longtime readers may recall Ropa Vieja, Cuba’s signature dish, requires considerable prep work (i.e., time) to impart its succulence.  This is a common theme in Cuban cuisine, which rewards culinary effort with a trip straight to vibrant tropical shores.  Certainly, getting to the shrimp and the plantains which make up today’s entrees, Camarones Enchilados and… Continue reading Unwrap for a Reward

A Night in (Little) Havana

Though the sun fades – for now, anyway – dinner brings back its bright, sparkling glory and transports diners to a land of eternal sunshine.  Today’s attempts, Mojo Chicken served alongside Roasted Sweet Potatoes, are justifiably prominent in the Cuban kitchen and are favorites too in the thriving expat community in and around Miami. Citrus… Continue reading A Night in (Little) Havana