Brownies for a Princess

By legend, when an Austrian princess was staying at the Italian resort isle of Capri back in the 1800s, she started longing for the dense chocolate cake of her native Vienna, Sachertorte.  Not knowing how to make the Viennese delicacy, the resort’s Italian chefs prepared a more familiar local almond cake, added cocoa and hoped… Continue reading Brownies for a Princess

Along Italy’s Pacific Coast

Wait, what?  There’s the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, but when did this whole Pacific thing happen?  About 150 years ago, actually, when Italian immigrants to the U.S. made their way westward and those of a more nautical disposition found work is San Francisco’s fishing industry.  While many in the Bay Area discovered wealth inland extracting… Continue reading Along Italy’s Pacific Coast

About Time, Isn’t It?

These pages have spanned the globe and have visited relatively obscure culinary destinations, including Laos, Tibet and Uruguay, yet so far they’ve neglected one of the world’s great cuisines, Italian.  That unfortunate exclusion ends with today’s entry, Veal Marsala. What a debut, though.  Take a meltingly tender veal cutlet, pan sear it with garlic and… Continue reading About Time, Isn’t It?