The Original

Pizza’s appeal is nearly universal, likely because its supreme versatility allows boundless personal creativity.   Diners choose toppings to match their own tastes and cultural preferences.  There is no “wrong” combination.  My own favorite mixture is pineapple and mushrooms.  See? As such, pizza is the world’s most widely-loved import from the Italian table.  True, but… Continue reading The Original

Another of Wine’s Benefits

You’d imagine after grape vines contributed their fruit to create the world’s extraordinary wines we humans would allow them a peaceful off-season, with thanks for a job well done.  Yes, you’d think so, but those resourceful Mediterraneans had something else in mind when they finished harvesting the grapes.  Why not use the leaves to wrap savory… Continue reading Another of Wine’s Benefits

The Priest Fainted

No, seriously, that’s the dish’s name. Centuries ago, the story goes, when a priest’s housekeeper informed him how much making this dish cost (olive oil was considerably more expensive then), he swooned.  Either that, or the meal was so delicious, the fortunate priest lost consciousness. When you try this dish, you’ll know why.  Eggplant on its own doesn’t have much flavor,… Continue reading The Priest Fainted