The Devil, You Say!

No, it’s true!  Despite the demonic titles, both of today’s selections are legitimately delicious, a combination that, despite divergent sources, pair well.  Deviled Beef Short Ribs and Salad with Devil’s Rain Dressing only sound diabolical, but they taste, well, glorious.  It’s Halloween after all, meaning a shiver or two are in order, but first and… Continue reading The Devil, You Say!

Orrie’s Tasty Problem

Once again, a favorite source, the Nero Wolfe canon, yields a tantalizing food mention that not only stokes the reader’s appetite, but which burnishes also the author’s fine cooking credentials. Rex Stout was a serious gourmet and, so inspired, he often kept a well-appointed table close to his mysteries’ pulse. In Death of a Doxy,… Continue reading Orrie’s Tasty Problem

Fancy Name for Comfort Food

Today’s entry draws its name and inspiration from a French preparation, yet Chicken Fricassee is, pretentious label aside, an ideal comfort food blanketing against the cold.  In fact, it’s essentially Chicken and Dumplings. The bird is poached in a mix of complimentary vegetables, celery and carrots among them, and, for a personal touch, some white… Continue reading Fancy Name for Comfort Food

Why Do We Remember Such Things?

Often, perhaps even usually, memories rise when bidden, a pleasant if reliable process.  Occasionally, though, the journey is a little more convoluted, and experiences remain submerged until something else summons them.  Such happened recently, when reading Rex Stout’s The Doorbell Rang, in which the narrator’s phone being tapped causes him to rely on a neighbor,… Continue reading Why Do We Remember Such Things?

Dine As a Detective

No less a detective, of course, than Rex Stout’s great Nero Wolfe, whose culinary tastes have inspired our explorations before.  Today it’s Squabs with Sauce Vénitienne, the latest attempt at a recipe found in The Nero Wolfe Cookbook. Accompanying the squab (or, in the dish pictured above, a Cornish hen halved lengthwise) are Roasted Brussels… Continue reading Dine As a Detective