If Reese’s Made a Cookie…

…I probably would weigh about 400 pounds.  Even so, finding recipes like this one certainly doesn’t help. It’s irresistible.  Take a silky chocolate ganache, pair it with a fluffy, creamy peanut butter filling and sandwich them between two chewy peanut butter cookies.  As you can imagine, absolutely divine. Of course, many of you won’t have to imagine it,… Continue reading If Reese’s Made a Cookie…

Founders’ Dinner, Kicked Up

Today our food tour makes a couple stops in the South, bringing you Crab Cakes from coastal Virginia, along with their perfect compliment, New Orleans’ signature Remoulade Sauce.    The cakes themselves are so laden with crab, the tasty breading just barely keeps everything together.  One of the advantages of making your own, rather than relying on someone else to provide a… Continue reading Founders’ Dinner, Kicked Up

What’s Vietnamese for “Quack”?

So what’s with all the soup lately?  Last week it was Pumpkin Soup and today the blog serves Bun Vit Mang, or Vietnamese duck soup.  A pattern emerges. Why not?  The last two Saturday afternoons (usually my time to create) have been cold and rainy, not the best situation for outdoor fun, but absolutely perfect… Continue reading What’s Vietnamese for “Quack”?

One in 1,762 Isn’t Bad, Is It?

So here’s the first post to feature something sweet, but that isn’t the only thing that’s unusual.  This also represents Germany’s single palatable contribution to the world table, streusel.  What a gift, though!  All by itself it very nearly makes up for sauerkraut, the -wursts and Germany’s other unfortunate efforts to find something good to eat. Streusel… Continue reading One in 1,762 Isn’t Bad, Is It?

I Blame Felix Ungar, and One of You

At last, The Prize! After watching my diet and denying myself so many temptations (in their thousands, believe me), I finally said goodbye to all those excess pounds I’ve carried around for years.  Much work remains in toning and in sculpting, but I’m free – finally!  Carbs now can make (considerably) limited appearances, and this club sandwich reintroduces them… Continue reading I Blame Felix Ungar, and One of You