I Blame Felix Ungar, and One of You

At last, The Prize! After watching my diet and denying myself so many temptations (in their thousands, believe me), I finally said goodbye to all those excess pounds I’ve carried around for years.  Much work remains in toning and in sculpting, but I’m free – finally!  Carbs now can make (considerably) limited appearances, and this club sandwich reintroduces them… Continue reading I Blame Felix Ungar, and One of You

The Priest Fainted

No, seriously, that’s the dish’s name. Centuries ago, the story goes, when a priest’s housekeeper informed him how much making this dish cost (olive oil was considerably more expensive then), he swooned.  Either that, or the meal was so delicious, the fortunate priest lost consciousness. When you try this dish, you’ll know why.  Eggplant on its own doesn’t have much flavor,… Continue reading The Priest Fainted

Lose a Country, Gain a Cuisine

You’re looking at a time machine.  One taste, and it was several years ago, when I last visited my all-time favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Minh’s in Arlington, VA.  Their amazing Saigon Summer Rolls have haunted me ever since, so I scoured my cookbooks to find a recipe to match my dreams.  Andrea Nguyen’s Into the Vietnamese Kitchen came closest,… Continue reading Lose a Country, Gain a Cuisine

Sorry, Fritz, I Also Prefer It with Garlic

This is another repeat for some of you, but it deserves an encore.  It’s Shrimp Bordelaise, which stoked my current obsession with bay leaves and restored cooking with wine atop my culinary priority list.  The shrimp was sautéed with those two ingredients plus garlic, carrots and butter (of course; it’s French after all).  The parsley… Continue reading Sorry, Fritz, I Also Prefer It with Garlic