What about Milk?

As the notes accompanying the recipe in the July-August 2019 Milk Street explain, Catalans like to dunk carquinyolis, local almond cookies, in coffee or in a sweet dessert wine.  Good advice in principle, though difficult in practice.  Coffee is an unfortunate choice, while a Catalan dessert wine could be a pricy acquisition for so limited… Continue reading What about Milk?

Never Too Many Almonds!

Today’s dessert is for almond lovers only, but isn’t that pretty much everyone?  As it is, few people have a greater affinity for almond than do the Spanish, who not only grow the nut in orchards throughout the country, but who also started California’s championship almond industry when they settled the territory.  It’s only fitting,… Continue reading Never Too Many Almonds!

Walking Cupcakes

One of the nearby bakeries, Prantl’s, has created an almond torte of such lusciousness, it fevers the imagination.  The yearning becomes almost unbearable among those who have moved to another city, leading Prantl’s to offer mail-order service to deliver its celebrated confection to nostalgic, hungry expats.  It calls these sweet shipments, as well as a… Continue reading Walking Cupcakes

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Melba!

Though the complaint came about years before the author did, it still applies today.  Raspberries and peaches combine so perfectly, the beguiling mixture generates envy among the other desserts, who secretly wish they could be as coveted and as popular.  Major sibling rivalry. As though that weren’t enough, Melba is even more stunningly perfect when… Continue reading Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Melba!