Crossing Apple Country Now

Following the latest recipe found in Porterfield’s Dining by Rail, we’re aboard a restaurant car of the Northern Pacific line, just having passed through Wenatchee, Washington, which proclaims itself, “The Apple Capital of the World.”  Civic pride (boastfulness?) aside, people in these parts certainly know their apples, as demonstrates the sweet slice of golden flakiness… Continue reading Crossing Apple Country Now

Or So Vienna Says

From what the Austrian Tourism Board reports on its website, Apple Strudel is a Viennese specialty, and the recipe it offers there recreates a pastry that has become symbolic of the country.  Maybe, maybe not, but the country’s German cousins might have a competing claim or two of their own. No matter the dessert’s true… Continue reading Or So Vienna Says

Persia Shall Flower Again

When it does, we’ll have more ingredients for today’s submissions.  The crocus grants saffron for Joojeh ba Sib (Saffron Butter-Basted Poussins with Apples), while dried rose petals adorn the Mast-o Khlar (Yogurt-and-Cucumber Salad).  Fitting, that summer’s exuberance is preserved to sustain us through the months ahead. Food & Wine included both recipes, among others, in… Continue reading Persia Shall Flower Again

“…As Easy as 123…”

When the Jacksons recorded ABC, were they singing about Persian Apple Stew?  Probably.  After all, the stew’s ingredients list covers the ABCs (and then some) of flavorful elements…apples, beef, cardamom, dried apricots… They all come together to reward tasters with a medley of culinary experiences, some contrasting, all of them complimentary.  The savory broth is… Continue reading “…As Easy as 123…”

Easy Way to Win a Pie-Eating Contest

These Mason Jar Apple Pies also provide a nice answer when one wonders what to bring to the office Christmas party.  Of course!  They’re unusual, but not as exotic as some of the things this blog has featured, so maybe they’ll intrigue while remaining comforting. Best of all, they’re single-serving size, allowing each diner to… Continue reading Easy Way to Win a Pie-Eating Contest

One in 1,762 Isn’t Bad, Is It?

So here’s the first post to feature something sweet, but that isn’t the only thing that’s unusual.  This also represents Germany’s single palatable contribution to the world table, streusel.  What a gift, though!  All by itself it very nearly makes up for sauerkraut, the -wursts and Germany’s other unfortunate efforts to find something good to eat. Streusel… Continue reading One in 1,762 Isn’t Bad, Is It?