Hike an Alp or Two

When Austrians want to journey up one side of a mountain and down the other, or to fortify those who will, they prepare an encouraging one-skillet meal replete with what’s necessary for the day’s exertions.   Thus, they invented Tiroler Gröstl, a stamina-building combination of diced potatoes, onion and bacon, traditionally topped with a lightly… Continue reading Hike an Alp or Two

Or So Vienna Says

From what the Austrian Tourism Board reports on its website, Apple Strudel is a Viennese specialty, and the recipe it offers there recreates a pastry that has become symbolic of the country.  Maybe, maybe not, but the country’s German cousins might have a competing claim or two of their own. No matter the dessert’s true… Continue reading Or So Vienna Says


As happiness (and perhaps some Hefe Weizen) warms Bavaria’s annual autumn celebration, Austria’s nearby alpine forests and streams produce a satisfying dinner to accompany the steins of beer.  Today brings Forellenfilet mit Waldpilzen, or Filet of Trout with Forest Mushrooms, as described on the Taste of Austria section of the country’s tourist board website. This… Continue reading Oktoberfest