Easier Done than Said

Today’s recipe is labeled Southeast Asian Beef and Rice-Noodle Soup, at least that’s what Gourmet called it when it showcased the dish in February 2009, but in reality, it’s phở. The ingredients list is unmistakable; this is the deeply flavored and intensely aromatic Vietnamese soup that is perhaps its country’s most famous culinary treasure.  Thanks… Continue reading Easier Done than Said

Smoke Wisps through the Sunshine

Visit nearly any market in West Africa and you’ll find cooks producing skewers laden with Beef Suya.  Traditionally served with fresh cut vegetables, as pictured above, Suya often is paired with Jollof Rice.  Popular acclaim has elevated the pair to become, more than anything else, Nigeria’s national dishes. With good reason.  A flavorful coating dusts… Continue reading Smoke Wisps through the Sunshine

“…As Easy as 123…”

When the Jacksons recorded ABC, were they singing about Persian Apple Stew?  Probably.  After all, the stew’s ingredients list covers the ABCs (and then some) of flavorful elements…apples, beef, cardamom, dried apricots… They all come together to reward tasters with a medley of culinary experiences, some contrasting, all of them complimentary.  The savory broth is… Continue reading “…As Easy as 123…”

Little of This, Little of That, Lots of Flavor

When Bon Appetit highlighted this dish in the October 2017 issue, the ingredients list promised a memorable experience, something with bold tastes.  The result produces in abundance.  Of course, the visuals alone stun, because how could a meal with such vibrant colors do anything but delight the palate?  This is beef amplified. One question about… Continue reading Little of This, Little of That, Lots of Flavor

Go with the Season

Most recipes work best when their star ingredient is abundantly, gloriously at peak.  Definitely the case this week, which features Tangerine Beef Stir-Fry.  In this instance, clementine oranges stand in for tangerines; the difference is subtle, but clementines are, if anything, even more flavorful and vibrant than tangerines.  Particularly right now, when they’re at their… Continue reading Go with the Season