Kizin Kreyòl

That’s where today’s meal originated, in la kizin kreyòl, or in the Creole (in this particular usage, Haitian) kitchen. Though the Caribbean nation is poor, Haiti is rich in history and in a happy, generous spirit. These factors unite in a cuisine that combines African and French ancestries, along with Amerindian, Spanish and other influences.… Continue reading Kizin Kreyòl

All Mixed Up

It’s not the recipe’s fault, though. When it names the ingredients to accompany mango and chicken in the wok, it lists nothing more specific than “fresh stir-fry vegetables.” Therefore, the decision is each cook’s, and there’s no telling where personal tastes will take things. For example, today’s offering brings carrots, bell peppers bean sprouts and… Continue reading All Mixed Up


Or, more specifically, today serves up a frittata, which is, essentially, an omelette with the filling still on the outside, waiting to be folded.  Of course, doubling over this creation probably wouldn’t be good idea, or even physically possible, loaded as it is with all sorts of substantive goodies, from artichoke hearts, to mini bell… Continue reading Inside-Out