Ah, Voici las Fraises!

Framboises, myrtilles and mûres too, adding raspberries, blueberries and blackberries to the strawberries whose discovery today’s title celebrates.  (“Ah, voici las fraises!” = “Ah, here are the strawberries!”)  What else would one say in France, when finding the perfect topping for three slices of local shortbread? Sablé Breton (or, “Brittany Sandies”) is France’s version of… Continue reading Ah, Voici las Fraises!

Back Home in Time for Dessert

These pages flit across the globe, exploring our shared culinary heritage in various places.  Part of that cosmopolitan approach, admittedly, reflects a desire to try something new.  Far too little is written of the cuisine enjoyed in countries like Laos, Tibet and Uruguay, so if a recipe from one of those places has potential, the… Continue reading Back Home in Time for Dessert