Solve This Riddle

A puzzle for you – a stockpot of water simmers away on a stovetop.  Inside are two metal cans, topped with aluminum foil and rattling slightly.  What’s inside? Here’s a visual for you:If you guessed the cans hold bread, your advantage, or you’re from Boston, where people have been boiling bread in cans for centuries,… Continue reading Solve This Riddle


A Vibrant Thread in Our Tapestry

Another southeast Asian inspiration, this one Cambodian, by way of Boston of all places.  There you’ll find one of our country’s most sizable Cambodian-American communities and the recipes they brought with them and adapted to their new home. One such dish is the chicken creation you see above, lively with tropical flavors such as lemongrass, yet including a quintessentially… Continue reading A Vibrant Thread in Our Tapestry