A Bit South of San Francisco

Late last year this journal brought us northern California’s signature seafood stew, and today we see how the southern hemisphere draws wonderfully from its own bounty.  Specifically, this entry brings moqueca, a creation perfected in northeast Brazil.  Cook’s Illustrated highlighted the recipe in its March/April 2018 issue, providing a splendid excuse to visit South American… Continue reading A Bit South of San Francisco

Rich Man’s Lobsta Roll

The summer beach vacation is a distinct pleasure – the sun, the sand, the seafood make it something that teases our imagination all year and inspires memories that comfort us forever.   For many Northeasterners, a classic experience that stands out in particular is the lobster roll, a marvelously simple combination of lightly-seasoned lobster served on a toasted buttered roll.  If you’ve… Continue reading Rich Man’s Lobsta Roll