Warning: Causes Blackouts

Now that you know, are you ready for all this chocolate?  Be advised, it’s relentless.  Start with a velvety chocolate cake, fully as rich and moist as is any devil’s food cake you’ve tried.  Top that with a creamy chocolate pudding, cooked on the stovetop, then chilled to concentrate its cocoa goodness. Mercy?  Not likely;… Continue reading Warning: Causes Blackouts

Brownies for a Princess

By legend, when an Austrian princess was staying at the Italian resort isle of Capri back in the 1800s, she started longing for the dense chocolate cake of her native Vienna, Sachertorte.  Not knowing how to make the Viennese delicacy, the resort’s Italian chefs prepared a more familiar local almond cake, added cocoa and hoped… Continue reading Brownies for a Princess

Lots of Cream, Though

Think of today’s dish as being a chocolatey dessert mocha, light on the coffee (quite light, actually), with copious servings of cream.  Best of all, it’s crowned with a generous dollop of Bailey’s Irish Cream-laden topping.  A double dose of cream thus completes this, reinforcing the smooth chocolate dreaminess found throughout. Formally speaking, this is… Continue reading Lots of Cream, Though

World’s Longest Street

It must be, to make it all the way from Madrid to Mexico City.  Churros are gloriously of that street, offered at roadside stands throughout the Spanish-speaking world (and in a few fortunate outposts beyond), delighting pedestrians with crunchy bursts of sweetness.  To those unfamiliar, think of a cinnamon donut, except crisper and lighter.  Absolutely… Continue reading World’s Longest Street

Yeah, Real Mature

What can you do, though?  Today’s treat, Revel Bars, earns its name, as one bite brings childhood flooding back.  Adult cares and worries melt away in sweet, chewy smoothness.  Age is irrelevant as happy memories become present reality. An exaggeration, surely?  Not for anyone who’s tried one of these.  When Cook’s Country featured Revel Bars… Continue reading Yeah, Real Mature

Coconut Experiment #58

This could be the fifty-eighth recipe featuring coconut, though its precedence on these pages is far less established.  Prior to this, there have been fleeting glimpses – one or two (maybe),  but you’re here for the first time an entire entry is devoted to coconut.  Not only that, in cupcakes no less! Of  course, credit where it’s due – the idea… Continue reading Coconut Experiment #58

Wait, How Do You Pronounce It?

“al-FA-ho-RACE” is fairly close, at least by virtue of my five years of high school Spanish.  Then again, that was a bit longer ago than it’s comfortable to admit… Anyway, alfajores are one of South America’s, specifically Uruguay’s, contributions to the world’s dessert table.  The cookie is particularly light and crumbly, due to large amounts… Continue reading Wait, How Do You Pronounce It?