Or So Vienna Says

From what the Austrian Tourism Board reports on its website, Apple Strudel is a Viennese specialty, and the recipe it offers there recreates a pastry that has become symbolic of the country.  Maybe, maybe not, but the country’s German cousins might have a competing claim or two of their own. No matter the dessert’s true… Continue reading Or So Vienna Says

Yesterday a Crumb, Today on Top

Finally, the crumb gets top billing, basking in the prominence it long has deserved.  It even gets sprinkled with powdered sugar, if that’s your thing.  All thanks to Crumb Cake, a standout New York sweet treat for many decades, rivaling Cheesecake itself.  Before that, its origins were in Germany, where Streuselkuchen was savored for centuries.… Continue reading Yesterday a Crumb, Today on Top

Very Well, a Concession

Fine, let’s get this over with.  Good food, even great eating, is possible from boxes, cans and other ready-made items found in any convenience store.  Despite this blog preparing all manner of edibles from scratch, today brings something others started, at least in part.  This shows, apparently, even the most promising ideas may begin with,… Continue reading Very Well, a Concession

World’s Longest Street

It must be, to make it all the way from Madrid to Mexico City.  Churros are gloriously of that street, offered at roadside stands throughout the Spanish-speaking world (and in a few fortunate outposts beyond), delighting pedestrians with crunchy bursts of sweetness.  To those unfamiliar, think of a cinnamon donut, except crisper and lighter.  Absolutely… Continue reading World’s Longest Street

It Goes By Many Names…

Of course, but that’s at just a cursory glance.  Certainly, this journal has covered savory pies before, Steak and Ale Pie a few weeks ago, and starting late last year with Williamsburg’s chicken version.  While b’steeya, this week’s Moroccan entry, also is a poultry dish, things head in a completely different, unique direction this evening.… Continue reading It Goes By Many Names…

This Bark is Worth More Than a Bite

Cinnamon has played a significant part in many of this blog’s features, most (but not all!) of them sweet,  but this is its first leading role. The limelight flatters it, and brings out its wonderful flavor, comforting and soothing, but with tantalizing traces of spiciness.  That element is particularly intriguing when coupled with brown sugar, as it is in the… Continue reading This Bark is Worth More Than a Bite

One in 1,762 Isn’t Bad, Is It?

So here’s the first post to feature something sweet, but that isn’t the only thing that’s unusual.  This also represents Germany’s single palatable contribution to the world table, streusel.  What a gift, though!  All by itself it very nearly makes up for sauerkraut, the -wursts and Germany’s other unfortunate efforts to find something good to eat. Streusel… Continue reading One in 1,762 Isn’t Bad, Is It?