A Night in (Little) Havana

Though the sun fades – for now, anyway – dinner brings back its bright, sparkling glory and transports diners to a land of eternal sunshine.  Today’s attempts, Mojo Chicken served alongside Roasted Sweet Potatoes, are justifiably prominent in the Cuban kitchen and are favorites too in the thriving expat community in and around Miami. Citrus… Continue reading A Night in (Little) Havana

Go with the Season

Most recipes work best when their star ingredient is abundantly, gloriously at peak.  Definitely the case this week, which features Tangerine Beef Stir-Fry.  In this instance, clementine oranges stand in for tangerines; the difference is subtle, but clementines are, if anything, even more flavorful and vibrant than tangerines.  Particularly right now, when they’re at their… Continue reading Go with the Season

Sunny New Year!

The sun is in abundance today, a promising start to 2017, and the resplendence carries beyond the skies.  Today’s dish, for example, brightens the palate and warms the spirit with a vibrant clementine salsa.  It’s  as flavorful and as effervescent as its colors are bold. Imagine feeling a fresh clementine, and how the wonderful citrus fragrance fills the room. … Continue reading Sunny New Year!