Aye, If It’s Nae’ Scottish..

…it’s rubbish.  Or so one hears round about the Firth of Forth.  Cultural chauvinism aside, the Scots definitely have a point when it comes to cookies, particularly shortbread.  There’s something about the simplicity of ingredients – at base just butter, sugar and flour – that speaks of Scottish frugality.  Yet the butter also imparts a… Continue reading Aye, If It’s Nae’ Scottish..


Wait, How Do You Pronounce It?

“al-FA-ho-RACE” is fairly close, at least by virtue of my five years of high school Spanish.  Then again, that was a bit longer ago than it’s comfortable to admit… Anyway, alfajores are one of South America’s, specifically Uruguay’s, contributions to the world’s dessert table.  The cookie is particularly light and crumbly, due to large amounts… Continue reading Wait, How Do You Pronounce It?

If Reese’s Made a Cookie…

…I probably would weigh about 400 pounds.  Even so, finding recipes like this one certainly doesn’t help. It’s irresistible.  Take a silky chocolate ganache, pair it with a fluffy, creamy peanut butter filling and sandwich them between two chewy peanut butter cookies.  As you can imagine, absolutely divine. Of course, many of you won’t have to imagine it,… Continue reading If Reese’s Made a Cookie…