Oh, That’s Right

It’s late autumn.  Good fruit is but a memory now, a glistening image retreating over the horizon as winter looms and soon persists, no end in sight.  Now, though, just as we brace ourselves for the frigid onslaught, a forgotten ally returns triumphantly, restoring brightness and radiance. Citrus delivers this relief, pure sunshine straight from… Continue reading Oh, That’s Right


Tilapia enjoys a happy coincidence, its sustainability accelerating smartly with its increased popularity.  As ever more people appreciate the fish’s flavor and culinary versatility, the industry has discovered the freshwater creature adapts particularly well to farm production, ensuring the supply will match demand. Today features two, or perhaps three, recipes from the January/February 2019 Cook’s… Continue reading Aquaculture

Jeweled Ingredients

Those familiar with Thai cuisine know cooking is all about building layer upon layer of taste.  This ensures each ingredient is distinct, identifiable and doesn’t get lost.  Still, they make up a chorus of flavors all equally assertive, yet complimenting each other beautifully.  That combination is no more exquisitely balanced than in today’s creation, Guay… Continue reading Jeweled Ingredients

Brownies for a Princess

By legend, when an Austrian princess was staying at the Italian resort isle of Capri back in the 1800s, she started longing for the dense chocolate cake of her native Vienna, Sachertorte.  Not knowing how to make the Viennese delicacy, the resort’s Italian chefs prepared a more familiar local almond cake, added cocoa and hoped… Continue reading Brownies for a Princess

What to Do with All that Turkey

Why, make soup, of course!  That is, admittedly, a fairly common answer around here, though the sheer variety of broths may leave you guessing at what’s next.  Refrigerators across the continent are filled with the remains of Thursday’s feast, and what better way to use some of that than to include it in a steaming… Continue reading What to Do with All that Turkey

A Deep, Dark Secret

Gingerbread makes people happy.  Many of us cherish warm memories of making, decorating – and eating! – gingerbread people around the holidays.  The deliciousness and enticing aromas intertwine with nostalgia to bring many of us to a comfortable place when we think of those effervescent times. Today’s submission draws on that contentment and gives it… Continue reading A Deep, Dark Secret