Timing Has to Be Perfect

Otherwise, Tomato and Crab Soup wouldn’t deliver the garden’s glorious flavors with quite such style.  Certainly, the soup would be memorable any time of year, but in early August, when high summer vaults garden vegetables past each other in pursuing perfection, the results approach the divine.  Ambrosia. Soup now, though?  While the humidity gives vegetables… Continue reading Timing Has to Be Perfect

A Difference, Call It X

This is Green Chili in the style enjoyed throughout the American Southwest, particularly in New Mexico (but not just, in fact far from it).  Even before getting to the ingredients, the color alone sets this apart.  Far from the more familiar deep reds that are more-or-less universal in the neighboring state, Green Chili’s calm verdant… Continue reading A Difference, Call It X

Three Kinds of Comfort

What better time than Thanksgiving weekend to luxuriate in a satisfying meal’s reassuring warmth?  This week brings three more classics from Williamsburg, as featured in The Williamsburg Cookbook, Cream of Peanut Soup, Sally Lunn Bread and Indian Corn Muffins.  Each one stokes a contented glow, but their combined effect is pure bliss. Peanut Soup is… Continue reading Three Kinds of Comfort