Busy Little Honeybee

Not only do honeybees pollenate our crops, bringing the next round of fruits and vegetables, but they also produce a smooth golden nectar (honey) that enhances much of our cooking.  Pretty amazing accomplishment for a small insect buzzing along happily.  Here’s one of the culinary superstars now, taking nourishment not too far from the kitchen:… Continue reading Busy Little Honeybee

Persia Shall Flower Again

When it does, we’ll have more ingredients for today’s submissions.  The crocus grants saffron for Joojeh ba Sib (Saffron Butter-Basted Poussins with Apples), while dried rose petals adorn the Mast-o Khlar (Yogurt-and-Cucumber Salad).  Fitting, that summer’s exuberance is preserved to sustain us through the months ahead. Food & Wine included both recipes, among others, in… Continue reading Persia Shall Flower Again

Sweetness of Two Cultures

At last, a post celebrates two civilizations, Spanish and Moroccan (Moorish) that have inspired many creations.  Today’s attempts draw from a time, centuries ago, when the two societies were more closely intertwined and seemed to share a common destiny.  In fact, today we explore the culinary history of Al-Andalus, as medieval Moorish Spain was known… Continue reading Sweetness of Two Cultures

North African Staples

Planning to fill an evening in Marrakesh?  Dinner plans for Tangiers?  Better swing by the local market in town and pick up some supplies.  Chances are, you’ll return from your expedition laden with the culinary treasures North Africa offers, from pine nuts eked from the windy mountains to sweet and tart apricots, dried in the… Continue reading North African Staples

It Goes By Many Names…

Of course, but that’s at just a cursory glance.  Certainly, this journal has covered savory pies before, Steak and Ale Pie a few weeks ago, and starting late last year with Williamsburg’s chicken version.  While b’steeya, this week’s Moroccan entry, also is a poultry dish, things head in a completely different, unique direction this evening.… Continue reading It Goes By Many Names…

Dine As a Detective

No less a detective, of course, than Rex Stout’s great Nero Wolfe, whose culinary tastes have inspired our explorations before.  Today it’s Squabs with Sauce Vénitienne, the latest attempt at a recipe found in The Nero Wolfe Cookbook. Accompanying the squab (or, in the dish pictured above, a Cornish hen halved lengthwise) are Roasted Brussels… Continue reading Dine As a Detective