Look at Granny, Slicing and Dicing

Spring has arrived and summer’s bounty isn’t long behind.  Fresh produce already is in abundance now, and only will improve and become more plentiful as the days lengthen and continue getting warmer.  What better time to expand our salad repertoire and take things in a new direction? You see one of those experiments above – Crabmeat, Apple and… Continue reading Look at Granny, Slicing and Dicing

OK, You Like Soup, We Get It

The latest entry is a Vietnamese staple, măng tây cua, a crab and asparagus soup.  This is the perfect time for soup making in general because a persistent cold snap has left May feeling more like March.  How welcome would a nice warm bowl of tropical-glistened shellfish be right now? Moreover, the chilly weather can’t last forever,… Continue reading OK, You Like Soup, We Get It

The King’s Ming’s

Ming Tsai’s idea, that is.  It was his inspiration to use King Crab in his Thai Papaya Crab dish.  Actually, it’s a practical, if somewhat expensive, solution to a serving problem.  See, using a smaller, more “local” variety of crab would have required much more work to extract the prize. Not so with King Crab.  Those gigantic legs, split… Continue reading The King’s Ming’s

Mud Crabs Hide Very Well

That, and they’re nearly impossible to obtain in North America, so far from their habitat, tropical Asia’s mangrove forests.  Singapore is right at the source, though, and natives employ the plentiful shellfish to create their nation’s defining dish, Singapore Chili Crab. Our version uses Dungeness crab, which is similar, and is much more readily available. … Continue reading Mud Crabs Hide Very Well

Founders’ Dinner, Kicked Up

Today our food tour makes a couple stops in the South, bringing you Crab Cakes from coastal Virginia, along with their perfect compliment, New Orleans’ signature Remoulade Sauce.    The cakes themselves are so laden with crab, the tasty breading just barely keeps everything together.  One of the advantages of making your own, rather than relying on someone else to provide a… Continue reading Founders’ Dinner, Kicked Up