Welcome Back!

Summer’s returning from its vacation soon, and it brings all sorts of nifty things we haven’t seen for nearly a year now, like fresh garden vegetables and cookouts.  What better way to celebrate the season of plenty than with a dinner featuring so much of what gives summer the nicest house on the block? Specifically,… Continue reading Welcome Back!


Persia Shall Flower Again

When it does, we’ll have more ingredients for today’s submissions.  The crocus grants saffron for Joojeh ba Sib (Saffron Butter-Basted Poussins with Apples), while dried rose petals adorn the Mast-o Khlar (Yogurt-and-Cucumber Salad).  Fitting, that summer’s exuberance is preserved to sustain us through the months ahead. Food & Wine included both recipes, among others, in… Continue reading Persia Shall Flower Again

Summer by the Bowlful

Until something new debuts this weekend, here’s a dish I showed some of you a little while back – Cucumber-Cashew Soup.  As you would expect from  a creation featuring cucumbers, it’s served chilled, refreshing when August swelters.  If you’re reading this after Summer’s glory has passed, recall the warmth that inspired it. You might not think cucumbers are substantive enough (I had doubts… Continue reading Summer by the Bowlful