Does Mr. Presley Approve?

You better believe he would. After all, this week brings Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Banana Butter Frosting. As that very combination – PB and bananas – was one of Elvis’s favorites, this is exactly the sort of treat that’d leave the singer All Shook Up. Of course, the beguiling aroma drifts through the kitchen, and… Continue reading Does Mr. Presley Approve?

The Citrus Will Remember

Over the next few months, as we wait for fresh produce to return from winter vacation, citrus will spring gloriously into season, returning the brilliant sunshine it spent all summer gathering.  With so many limes, oranges, clementines and grapefruit filling the shelves, the sheer exuberance alone is sufficient to warm the spirits until local farms… Continue reading The Citrus Will Remember

In the South, Maybe the Far South

About forty years ago, a recipe appeared in Southern Living magazine, and it soon took the region, then the country, by acclaim.  Thus, Hummingbird Cake was introduced to the culinary world.   One bite of the lusciously moist cake is enough for many to proclaim it the best cake ever.  Easy to understand why, what,… Continue reading In the South, Maybe the Far South

Hidden Raspberries

Yes, the fresh fruit atop today’s offering sets the marker for raspberries, but do you really expect to encounter a perfect ribbon of sweet berry preserves when biting into the soft vanilla cake, past the creamy lemon frosting?  Well, you do now, but before reading this paragraph and seeing today’s picture, it would’ve been quite… Continue reading Hidden Raspberries

Walking Cupcakes

One of the nearby bakeries, Prantl’s, has created an almond torte of such lusciousness, it fevers the imagination.  The yearning becomes almost unbearable among those who have moved to another city, leading Prantl’s to offer mail-order service to deliver its celebrated confection to nostalgic, hungry expats.  It calls these sweet shipments, as well as a… Continue reading Walking Cupcakes

Good Choice. What Next?

Any journal is a profoundly self-centered endeavor, perhaps unavoidably so.  The entries, after all, are about what tempts the author, what sounds good (Sounds good?  What are we, whales?).  Many of you have offered excellent ideas, and today’s try is the first attempt at one of those great suggestions. A long-time reader requested Butter Pecan… Continue reading Good Choice. What Next?

A Reese Heir Must’ve Talked

Despite inducements advanced to the Reese family, nobody has unlocked the formula for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  The candy remains a mystery, its special combination hidden, its secret perfection never quite replicated. This applies to what’s found in stores,  but today’s submission takes a new approach.  Cupcakes have that unique power, don’t they?  The notion… Continue reading A Reese Heir Must’ve Talked