Fine Detail

That’s where it matters, in the little things that combine to bring greatness.  None greater, and none littler, than the fine-grained Moroccan couscous that underlies today’s offering, Moroccan Lamb and Seven-Vegetable Couscous.  From this fluffy and buttery base rises an immensely satisfying stew spirited to culinary paradise by a whole Kasbah-worth of subtle, haunting, North… Continue reading Fine Detail

Lime, Juiced

Lime juice enlivens many dishes, adding an effervescent sparkle.  Cambodians have learned how to intensify the citrus’s flavor, amplifying it far beyond the supporting role it usually plays.  Much as Cambodia itself exerts a subtle, yet identifiable, cultural influence that exceeds its relatively modest size. Today’s entry, Eggplant with Pork and Shrimp, does precisely that,… Continue reading Lime, Juiced

The Priest Fainted

No, seriously, that’s the dish’s name. Centuries ago, the story goes, when a priest’s housekeeper informed him how much making this dish cost (olive oil was considerably more expensive then), he swooned.  Either that, or the meal was so delicious, the fortunate priest lost consciousness. When you try this dish, you’ll know why.  Eggplant on its own doesn’t have much flavor,… Continue reading The Priest Fainted