What’s with These Names?

Last December brought a Dutch Baby, and a month ago came something called a “Grunt.”  What’s left?  What bizarre linguistic twists will the kitchen inspire next?  How about a Berry Fool?  No kidding.  Unlike the other two creations, this name goes back centuries, too.  Plenty of time to change things, but no. In common with… Continue reading What’s with These Names?

Land of Hope and Glory

“There’ll Always Be an England,” too, which means tea will be served every afternoon for the foreseeable future.  As it was in the past, and throughout the English-speaking world.  Colonists upset over having their traditional beverage taxed (among other items) demonstrated their ire by dumping perfectly good tea in Boston Harbor.  This brought further unpleasantness… Continue reading Land of Hope and Glory

Lots of Cream, Though

Think of today’s dish as being a chocolatey dessert mocha, light on the coffee (quite light, actually), with copious servings of cream.  Best of all, it’s crowned with a generous dollop of Bailey’s Irish Cream-laden topping.  A double dose of cream thus completes this, reinforcing the smooth chocolate dreaminess found throughout. Formally speaking, this is… Continue reading Lots of Cream, Though