Easier Done than Said

Today’s recipe is labeled Southeast Asian Beef and Rice-Noodle Soup, at least that’s what Gourmet called it when it showcased the dish in February 2009, but in reality, it’s phở. The ingredients list is unmistakable; this is the deeply flavored and intensely aromatic Vietnamese soup that is perhaps its country’s most famous culinary treasure.  Thanks… Continue reading Easier Done than Said

Something for the Holidays

When putting together a memorable gingerbread worthy of the high holidays (in one form or another), best to pack it full of flavorful spices exciting intrigue followed by a comforting warmth.  A great ally in this effort is a cup or so of Guinness Stout, effervescing the spices to unexpected heights while contributing a rich,… Continue reading Something for the Holidays

Oh, You Have to Try This!

Like most guys, probably, the author appreciates chocolate, but doesn’t quite understand why there’s so much fuss.  That was the position, at least, until yesterday afternoon, when it was time to prepare this weekend’s recipe.  One of the requisite ingredients was a bar of chocolate.  Godiva inspired the imagination, especially as it has such a… Continue reading Oh, You Have to Try This!

C) Both of the Above

“Fusion” cuisine takes quite a few hits, admittedly on these pages, and elsewhere.  Perhaps this dismissal is too hasty when cooks offer inspirations like today’s effort, Bánh Mì.  Though the sandwich was developed in Vietnam and is among that cuisine’s most prominent preparations, bánh mì claims at least one French grandparent. It’s only natural, of… Continue reading C) Both of the Above