We Need Heat, Stat!

Today’s entry supplies it too, with a pair of warmers.  Indonesia’s cooks contribute the sambal, while Korea’s kitchens produce gochujang, a fermented bean-pepper paste served alongside the main course.  While the flavors span different parts of the continent, both impart a vigor that gently stimulates the palate and satisfies the spirit.  They definitely give this… Continue reading We Need Heat, Stat!


Tried and New

Whatever else its challenges, the oncoming coldness makes hearty meals beautifully satisfying and even more delicious. These charms glow with additional radiance when novel ingredients take their appreciation to brand-new levels. Food which already was warmly comforting becomes bracing in its newfound delights. Chicken stew is a great example. The Korean version is called Dak… Continue reading Tried and New


How skilled is your imagination?  More so than my photographic abilities, hopefully. It was bound to happen eventually – after snapping dozens of pictures for this journal, I finally managed to botch one.  Oh, the dish turned out well, in fact, much more so than may be said of its photo.  Sorry, recipe. Speaking of  focusing, maybe I should concentrate on… Continue reading Focus!