Fine Detail

That’s where it matters, in the little things that combine to bring greatness.  None greater, and none littler, than the fine-grained Moroccan couscous that underlies today’s offering, Moroccan Lamb and Seven-Vegetable Couscous.  From this fluffy and buttery base rises an immensely satisfying stew spirited to culinary paradise by a whole Kasbah-worth of subtle, haunting, North… Continue reading Fine Detail

Much Obliged, Ma’am

Cowboy culture is distinctive, no matter whether one encounters it on North America’s grasslands, or on South America’s.  In Argentina’s pampas, that culture takes on the character of Italian and French immigrants to the country and produces a great cuisine at play in this week’s entry, Gaucho Pizza.  Paired perfectly, by the way, with a… Continue reading Much Obliged, Ma’am

Treasure Beyond Gold and Jewels

Indeed, Persian cookery engages not just the eyes and nose, but it captivates the taste buds as well, unfolding flavors that subtly hint at the delights that await.  The visuals, though, beguile, and make the first pass at seduction. Persians call the pilaf Javaher Polow, or Jeweled Rice, and fittingly so.  Saffron sets the rice… Continue reading Treasure Beyond Gold and Jewels

Unusual Spot for a Beer

Today the journal visits Armenia for the first time, and tries one the cuisine’s most prominent dishes, Tarragon Lamb Shanks.  Providing instruction, a site dedicated to that country’s cooking, Hegnineh, suggests a surprising addition to the lamb shanks’ braising liquid – a whole bottle of beer! Although Armenia borders Turkey and is geographically, and to… Continue reading Unusual Spot for a Beer

Shreds of Evidence

Signs of springtime become more prominent with every passing day.  As the soil warms and sunshine returns, asparagus emerges and returns to our plates.  Sure, it’s available throughout the warmer months (and frozen, year-round), but it’s only at peak, fresh and perfect, now, in spring’s all-too-brief interval between ice and sizzle.  That’s what this journal… Continue reading Shreds of Evidence

Heaven’s Kitchen, Right?

It must be, because nothing in this sphere approaches the magic cinnamon, ginger and apricots weave, waking lamb’s savor, making it light and taking on an almost gossamer richness.  The lid is lifted and this spectacular aroma fills the kitchen and soon the house, drawing in the hungry, who soon forget anything else exists.  It… Continue reading Heaven’s Kitchen, Right?

The Original

Pizza’s appeal is nearly universal, likely because its supreme versatility allows boundless personal creativity.   Diners choose toppings to match their own tastes and cultural preferences.  There is no “wrong” combination.  My own favorite mixture is pineapple and mushrooms.  See? As such, pizza is the world’s most widely-loved import from the Italian table.  True, but… Continue reading The Original

Another of Wine’s Benefits

You’d imagine after grape vines contributed their fruit to create the world’s extraordinary wines we humans would allow them a peaceful off-season, with thanks for a job well done.  Yes, you’d think so, but those resourceful Mediterraneans had something else in mind when they finished harvesting the grapes.  Why not use the leaves to wrap savory… Continue reading Another of Wine’s Benefits