Your Salad Went on Vacation

Today’s entry provides a crisp, cooling escape from the swelter.  The first bite alone vaults one beyond the humidity and into a realm that’s green, lush and refreshing, far removed from July’s grasp. With refreshment comes clarity – there’s more to this than “just” a green salad, right?  A certain tingle, hint of spiciness perhaps,… Continue reading Your Salad Went on Vacation

Rich Man’s Lobsta Roll

The summer beach vacation is a distinct pleasure – the sun, the sand, the seafood make it something that teases our imagination all year and inspires memories that comfort us forever.   For many Northeasterners, a classic experience that stands out in particular is the lobster roll, a marvelously simple combination of lightly-seasoned lobster served on a toasted buttered roll.  If you’ve… Continue reading Rich Man’s Lobsta Roll