Jes ‘arf a Point? Blimey!

While today’s Steak and Ale Pie is classic British pub fare, it’s wise to use the beer sparingly.  Though it is indispensable for this preparation, a half-pint of ale (slightly less, actually) is just enough to maintain a satisfying malty theme and to keep the filling from becoming too rich and heavy.   For more… Continue reading Jes ‘arf a Point? Blimey!


WASP Ethnic Food, So to Speak

There’s something deeply satisfying and comforting about a piping hot, flavorful chicken pot pie.  Break into the flaky golden crust to reveal the steaming wonders beneath.  Chicken and vegetables complement each other nicely, the latter adding  distinct freshness while also taking on some of the savory chicken’s richness.  Is there any better way to fortify… Continue reading WASP Ethnic Food, So to Speak