Again with the Peaches?

Of course. It’s late summer, after all, and the stonefruit is gloriously in season. Time for the produce, which is fantastic most of the time, to attain perfection. Sweet and tangy, juicy and lush, peaches are precisely why we spend the rest of the year dreaming about August. This week, peaches make up a vibrant… Continue reading Again with the Peaches?

Just Peachy, and You?

Is it possible even to be in anything other than a great mood when peaches are enjoying their moment? Bursting forth from every basket, table and shelf, from every roadside stand and farmers’ market, the globes are filled with fifteen times their weight (or thereabouts) of juicy, sweet, tangy, summery nectar. Seems to be the… Continue reading Just Peachy, and You?

Fire Up the Grill

Ever wish a steak salad came in convenient hand-held form, or wondered what peaches would taste like straight from the grill?  No.  Yes?  Well then, this post is just for you, as today brings a couple preparations perfect for outdoor entertaining, particularly for summer patio parties! Start with just-seared steak, finished to a slightly-rare medium,… Continue reading Fire Up the Grill

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Melba!

Though the complaint came about years before the author did, it still applies today.  Raspberries and peaches combine so perfectly, the beguiling mixture generates envy among the other desserts, who secretly wish they could be as coveted and as popular.  Major sibling rivalry. As though that weren’t enough, Melba is even more stunningly perfect when… Continue reading Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, Melba!

Summer’s Glory, Part II

A couple weeks ago, the spotlight was on tomatoes; now it’s peaches’ turn to blush.  Of course, they should be used to the attention by now.  Loaded with luscious sweetness, peaches are late summer’s star, the season’s parting gift.  What a souvenir, too, creating memories that will sustain us until summer returns next year. Of… Continue reading Summer’s Glory, Part II