A Plate Full of Ghana

It all comes together this week, as one plate holds everything you’d need for a full meal, from meat, to potatoes, to vegetables.  Wrapping the total package in style is a recipe Fine Cooking offered in its April/May 2019 release, Crispy Peanut-Chile Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. The preparation is inspired by Ghana’s affinity for combining… Continue reading A Plate Full of Ghana

(Almost) Everybody Loves Peanuts

Not just people, either.  Pigs have an affinity for the nut, which makes up a major part of their diet.  Unsurprisingly, perhaps, pork and peanuts pair particularly well.  It’s a culinary fact not lost on Southeast Asians, who make ample use of both in their kitchens.  Today’s offering is one such inspiration, this one from… Continue reading (Almost) Everybody Loves Peanuts

A Reese Heir Must’ve Talked

Despite inducements advanced to the Reese family, nobody has unlocked the formula for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  The candy remains a mystery, its special combination hidden, its secret perfection never quite replicated. This applies to what’s found in stores,  but today’s submission takes a new approach.  Cupcakes have that unique power, don’t they?  The notion… Continue reading A Reese Heir Must’ve Talked

Three Kinds of Comfort

What better time than Thanksgiving weekend to luxuriate in a satisfying meal’s reassuring warmth?  This week brings three more classics from Williamsburg, as featured in The Williamsburg Cookbook, Cream of Peanut Soup, Sally Lunn Bread and Indian Corn Muffins.  Each one stokes a contented glow, but their combined effect is pure bliss. Peanut Soup is… Continue reading Three Kinds of Comfort

Don’t Let the Picture Mislead You

Other dishes we’ve seen, most actually, have been more colorful, their vibrancy advertising the intense tastes waiting to be unleashed.  Every once in a while, though, something comes along that gives no warning of the flavorful journey that’s ahead.  Such a surprise is today’s entry, Cambodian Spicy Lemongrass Chicken. You likely guessed that this is… Continue reading Don’t Let the Picture Mislead You

Taste 1, Gluten 0

This blog is always up for a challenge, so when one of you sought a recipe for good gluten-free noodles, the search began.  We needed something that not only showed promise, but also delivered that potential, producing practical and, even more important, tasty results. Another priority was culinary authenticity.  The recipe had to be gluten-free in… Continue reading Taste 1, Gluten 0

If Reese’s Made a Cookie…

…I probably would weigh about 400 pounds.  Even so, finding recipes like this one certainly doesn’t help. It’s irresistible.  Take a silky chocolate ganache, pair it with a fluffy, creamy peanut butter filling and sandwich them between two chewy peanut butter cookies.  As you can imagine, absolutely divine. Of course, many of you won’t have to imagine it,… Continue reading If Reese’s Made a Cookie…