Aww, That’s So Sweet!

Chances are, if you purr these words this upcoming Valentine’s Day – or, if they’re directed to you – chocolate is involved.  Not just any variety, either, but chocolate made by the couverture method, a highly-refined Belgian technique reserved for the very finest cacao available.  With a price tag to match, too.  Though for you,… Continue reading Aww, That’s So Sweet!

In the South, Maybe the Far South

About forty years ago, a recipe appeared in Southern Living magazine, and it soon took the region, then the country, by acclaim.  Thus, Hummingbird Cake was introduced to the culinary world.   One bite of the lusciously moist cake is enough for many to proclaim it the best cake ever.  Easy to understand why, what,… Continue reading In the South, Maybe the Far South

Good Choice. What Next?

Any journal is a profoundly self-centered endeavor, perhaps unavoidably so.  The entries, after all, are about what tempts the author, what sounds good (Sounds good?  What are we, whales?).  Many of you have offered excellent ideas, and today’s try is the first attempt at one of those great suggestions. A long-time reader requested Butter Pecan… Continue reading Good Choice. What Next?

Well Then, Today’s Your Lucky Day!

Whether you crave crunchiness, go all soft for creaminess or melt to a puddle when chocolate is involved, today’s attempt checks all three boxes, plus D) All of the Above, and Much More.  After all, it’s a Turtle Brownie, inspired by and named for that impossibly perfect candy bursting with pecans swimming in gooey caramel… Continue reading Well Then, Today’s Your Lucky Day!

Missed Mardi Gras, but Easter’s Still Close

It’s usually about this time the blog begins devoting attention to spring.  At first, it’s just a random thought, but before too long the drumbeat becomes irresistible.  Sort of like the weather.  As with prior years, winter became old news long ago.  It’s about time spring got here, isn’t it?  There’s that, and there’s also… Continue reading Missed Mardi Gras, but Easter’s Still Close