Handmade, No Machine

Imagine, first time making pasta, no machine in sight, nor an Italian grandmother.  Guess what happens next.  Watch as hilarity unfolds?  Maybe, but not from the countertop, thanks to a nice recipe for Ravioli featured in Cook’s Illustrated‘s May/June 2019 issue. Specifically, today’s entry is Chicken-Spinach Ravioli, as the magazine’s ricotta-based filling didn’t inspire culinary… Continue reading Handmade, No Machine

North African Staples

Planning to fill an evening in Marrakesh?  Dinner plans for Tangiers?  Better swing by the local market in town and pick up some supplies.  Chances are, you’ll return from your expedition laden with the culinary treasures North Africa offers, from pine nuts eked from the windy mountains to sweet and tart apricots, dried in the… Continue reading North African Staples