Lime, Juiced

Lime juice enlivens many dishes, adding an effervescent sparkle.  Cambodians have learned how to intensify the citrus’s flavor, amplifying it far beyond the supporting role it usually plays.  Much as Cambodia itself exerts a subtle, yet identifiable, cultural influence that exceeds its relatively modest size. Today’s entry, Eggplant with Pork and Shrimp, does precisely that,… Continue reading Lime, Juiced

Then You Have the Chiang Mai Cut

More than just a cut, this week you’ll find pork spareribs after a Thai preparation.   The recipe lists, unimaginatively, as Thai Spareribs, but the finished product has so much more to recommend it.  When Bon Appetit published these instructions in its February 2011 issue, ribs’ future appearance here was destiny.  Besides, isn’t barbecue among… Continue reading Then You Have the Chiang Mai Cut

A Difference, Call It X

This is Green Chili in the style enjoyed throughout the American Southwest, particularly in New Mexico (but not just, in fact far from it).  Even before getting to the ingredients, the color alone sets this apart.  Far from the more familiar deep reds that are more-or-less universal in the neighboring state, Green Chili’s calm verdant… Continue reading A Difference, Call It X

Where’s My Fortune Cookie?

A valid question if it were takeout, but this a homemade attempt at Pork Fried Rice, so the add-ons aren’t included.  One step at a time. However, Cook’s Country provided a good starting point in its June/July 2017 issue, with instructions on recreating the beloved Chinese-American staple.  This means there’s no need for the cardboard… Continue reading Where’s My Fortune Cookie?