Plenty for Everyone!

That’s what inspired Thanksgiving, isn’t it, a celebration of, and gratitude for, a bountiful harvest?  Today’s entry heartily endorses that appeal with a plate full  of the best of farm, forest and field.  Just the crops alone are well-represented in the produce spilling from the cornucopia below:Today’s feast started with an episode of the Cook’s… Continue reading Plenty for Everyone!

C) Both of the Above

“Fusion” cuisine takes quite a few hits, admittedly on these pages, and elsewhere.  Perhaps this dismissal is too hasty when cooks offer inspirations like today’s effort, Bánh Mì.  Though the sandwich was developed in Vietnam and is among that cuisine’s most prominent preparations, bánh mì claims at least one French grandparent. It’s only natural, of… Continue reading C) Both of the Above

I Blame Felix Ungar, and One of You

At last, The Prize! After watching my diet and denying myself so many temptations (in their thousands, believe me), I finally said goodbye to all those excess pounds I’ve carried around for years.  Much work remains in toning and in sculpting, but I’m free – finally!  Carbs now can make (considerably) limited appearances, and this club sandwich reintroduces them… Continue reading I Blame Felix Ungar, and One of You