First Up

On and on winter seemed to go, month following month, unrelieved. Just when the greys and the browns threatened permanence, and greenery faded to a memory which maybe never really was after all, the earth stirred. Weary at first, a subtle softening here, a brief thaw there. Maybe a sporadic glint of brightness. Then, one… Continue reading First Up

Mushrooms, Most Honorable

Indeed, not only do shitake mushrooms bring today’s entry much regard, they also glorify it with anticipation of a great meal.  The Japanese invented a word to describe the fifth element to engage the tongue, umami.  The term has gained wide acclaim lately, both in and out of food circles, and it signifies a delightfully… Continue reading Mushrooms, Most Honorable

A Full Basket

A great way to exult in late summer’s benevolence is to wander the sun-dappled path meandering among the garden’s lushness, losing oneself as the occasional light breeze rustles the leaves and serenades a daydream.  When this reverie doesn’t transport you, you load a basket with anything that looks good.  Of course, by August just about… Continue reading A Full Basket