This Time, Rice Is a Noodle

Wok preparations, even Cambodian varieties, are a fairly common theme on these pages, appearing probably every month or so.  Not surprising, as they’re a personal preference.  Variety is important, of course, and it will continue as the leading motivation.  Still, favorites remain favorites. Anyway,, most of these wok creations are served with rice, and today’s… Continue reading This Time, Rice Is a Noodle

Speeding to New Orleans

When rail travel’s most vibrant days still were yet to be, passengers aboard Illinois Central’s overnight service from Chicago to New Orleans savored fine dining before a contented drowsiness bid them to their cabins.  The evening got underway with a menu offering a variety of beguiling choices, including today’s entry, Shrimp Creole.  Indeed, the dish… Continue reading Speeding to New Orleans

Your Salad Went on Vacation

Today’s entry provides a crisp, cooling escape from the swelter.  The first bite alone vaults one beyond the humidity and into a realm that’s green, lush and refreshing, far removed from July’s grasp. With refreshment comes clarity – there’s more to this than “just” a green salad, right?  A certain tingle, hint of spiciness perhaps,… Continue reading Your Salad Went on Vacation

Yes, Absolutely!

When a country labels one of its culinary creations Aromatic Black Tiger Shrimp with Fresh Garden Vegetables, the kitchen had better draw people with enticing scents.  Fortunately, today’s entry fulfils that mission, and then some. Actually, calling the aroma “enticing” understates its appeal.  “Intoxicating” would be more accurate. Consider what goes into the sauce that… Continue reading Yes, Absolutely!

A Bit South of San Francisco

Late last year this journal brought us northern California’s signature seafood stew, and today we see how the southern hemisphere draws wonderfully from its own bounty.  Specifically, this entry brings moqueca, a creation perfected in northeast Brazil.  Cook’s Illustrated highlighted the recipe in its March/April 2018 issue, providing a splendid excuse to visit South American… Continue reading A Bit South of San Francisco

Along Italy’s Pacific Coast

Wait, what?  There’s the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, but when did this whole Pacific thing happen?  About 150 years ago, actually, when Italian immigrants to the U.S. made their way westward and those of a more nautical disposition found work is San Francisco’s fishing industry.  While many in the Bay Area discovered wealth inland extracting… Continue reading Along Italy’s Pacific Coast

Fire and Ice

Today’s presentation captures summer’s swelter, then plunges it deeply to the cool depths below.  Just as these flavors bring diverse tastes, inspiration is equally varied, with the shrimp prepared in a manner favored in Bali, while the coleslaw takes its cues from Thailand.  Many recent entries have visited Southeast Asia, and while the pressing humidity… Continue reading Fire and Ice

One Loves Despite, not Because

…and never more so than in today’s preparation, Greek-Spiced Baked Shrimp.  When the late Gourmet highlighted this recipe in its November 2008 issue,  things nearly went no further, as many cheeses, feta among them, don’t inspire much personal enthusiasm.  That said, it is a shrimp dish, and that particular feature warrants investigation.  Years later, here… Continue reading One Loves Despite, not Because