Little of This, Little of That, Lots of Flavor

When Bon Appetit highlighted this dish in the October 2017 issue, the ingredients list promised a memorable experience, something with bold tastes.  The result produces in abundance.  Of course, the visuals alone stun, because how could a meal with such vibrant colors do anything but delight the palate?  This is beef amplified. One question about… Continue reading Little of This, Little of That, Lots of Flavor

Where’s My Fortune Cookie?

A valid question if it were takeout, but this a homemade attempt at Pork Fried Rice, so the add-ons aren’t included.  One step at a time. However, Cook’s Country provided a good starting point in its June/July 2017 issue, with instructions on recreating the beloved Chinese-American staple.  This means there’s no need for the cardboard… Continue reading Where’s My Fortune Cookie?

How Warm Was It Today In Thailand?

Unknown, but it must have been far balmier than it was around here.  Just imagining the bejeweled sunlight sparkling as it glances over a palm tree-lined bay is enough to make one want to… Well, unless this already has inspired you to buy tickets, the second-best way yo satisfy a need for a tropical getaway is… Continue reading How Warm Was It Today In Thailand?