Yesterday a Crumb, Today on Top

Finally, the crumb gets top billing, basking in the prominence it long has deserved.  It even gets sprinkled with powdered sugar, if that’s your thing.  All thanks to Crumb Cake, a standout New York sweet treat for many decades, rivaling Cheesecake itself.  Before that, its origins were in Germany, where Streuselkuchen was savored for centuries.… Continue reading Yesterday a Crumb, Today on Top

One in 1,762 Isn’t Bad, Is It?

So here’s the first post to feature something sweet, but that isn’t the only thing that’s unusual.  This also represents Germany’s single palatable contribution to the world table, streusel.  What a gift, though!  All by itself it very nearly makes up for sauerkraut, the -wursts and Germany’s other unfortunate efforts to find something good to eat. Streusel… Continue reading One in 1,762 Isn’t Bad, Is It?