Veggies, All of It?

Yep, that’s right.  Today’s entry is completely vegetarian-friendly, from the first cilantro leaf to the last grain of rice.  Yet it’s warming and satisfying, due to hearty pieces of sweet potato and a lusciously rich peanut butter-tomato sauce.  Honestly, you won’t spend the whole time you’re eating fantasizing about other ingredients.  Mainly because you already… Continue reading Veggies, All of It?

Plenty for Everyone!

That’s what inspired Thanksgiving, isn’t it, a celebration of, and gratitude for, a bountiful harvest?  Today’s entry heartily endorses that appeal with a plate full  of the best of farm, forest and field.  Just the crops alone are well-represented in the produce spilling from the cornucopia below:Today’s feast started with an episode of the Cook’s… Continue reading Plenty for Everyone!

A Plate Full of Ghana

It all comes together this week, as one plate holds everything you’d need for a full meal, from meat, to potatoes, to vegetables.  Wrapping the total package in style is a recipe Fine Cooking offered in its April/May 2019 release, Crispy Peanut-Chile Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. The preparation is inspired by Ghana’s affinity for combining… Continue reading A Plate Full of Ghana

A Night in (Little) Havana

Though the sun fades – for now, anyway – dinner brings back its bright, sparkling glory and transports diners to a land of eternal sunshine.  Today’s attempts, Mojo Chicken served alongside Roasted Sweet Potatoes, are justifiably prominent in the Cuban kitchen and are favorites too in the thriving expat community in and around Miami. Citrus… Continue reading A Night in (Little) Havana

Imagine Yourself in Acapulco…

All sorts of amazing produce abound.  On the trees, in the gardens, at the marketplace.  Everywhere.   Now think of that fresh goodness collected for just one dish, a deeply flavorful and satisfying chicken soup.  A perfect offering from a land without winters. No, this isn’t the first time chicken soup has found its way to these… Continue reading Imagine Yourself in Acapulco…