Plenty for Everyone!

That’s what inspired Thanksgiving, isn’t it, a celebration of, and gratitude for, a bountiful harvest?  Today’s entry heartily endorses that appeal with a plate full  of the best of farm, forest and field.  Just the crops alone are well-represented in the produce spilling from the cornucopia below:Today’s feast started with an episode of the Cook’s… Continue reading Plenty for Everyone!

What to Do with All that Turkey

Why, make soup, of course!  That is, admittedly, a fairly common answer around here, though the sheer variety of broths may leave you guessing at what’s next.  Refrigerators across the continent are filled with the remains of Thursday’s feast, and what better way to use some of that than to include it in a steaming… Continue reading What to Do with All that Turkey

Here’s a New One for You

Not only do we enjoy a country’s cuisine this site hasn’t visited yet, Guatemala’s, but today’s entry samples a facet of that culture not many outsiders, myself included, have tried, namely Mayan food.  Formally, the soup pictured above is called Guatemalan Turkey Soup, at least that’s how the recipe lists it, but its alternate name,… Continue reading Here’s a New One for You