Two for One

Really, it’s a marvel of applications.  Create one creamy, savory garlic-butter sauce flecked with chopped cilantro, and use it for both parts of today’s meal, the shrimp and the baguette.  Use the same grill even to cook both.  One sauce, two creations – Shrimp Scampi and Garlic Bread.  What a bang for that particular buck!… Continue reading Two for One


Same City, Different Shrimp

Once before we visited New Orleans for shrimp (remember the Shrimp Creole from a couple autumns ago?), but today’s offering takes the shellfish in an entirely different direction. Specifically, Southern American Low Country (Charleston, Savannah, etc.), as done up in Louisiana and served as Shrimp and Grits with Mustard Seed Chowchow. This is a recipe… Continue reading Same City, Different Shrimp

Aye, If It’s Nae’ Scottish..

…it’s rubbish.  Or so one hears round about the Firth of Forth.  Cultural chauvinism aside, the Scots definitely have a point when it comes to cookies, particularly shortbread.  There’s something about the simplicity of ingredients – at base just butter, sugar and flour – that speaks of Scottish frugality.  Yet the butter also imparts a… Continue reading Aye, If It’s Nae’ Scottish..