A Bit South of San Francisco

Late last year this journal brought us northern California’s signature seafood stew, and today we see how the southern hemisphere draws wonderfully from its own bounty.  Specifically, this entry brings moqueca, a creation perfected in northeast Brazil.  Cook’s Illustrated highlighted the recipe in its March/April 2018 issue, providing a splendid excuse to visit South American… Continue reading A Bit South of San Francisco

Accidentally on Purpose

Everything works out, though it wasn’t supposed to be this way.  When the current effort, Summer Blueberry Cobbler, finished baking, it had ample time to cool.  Or so it seemed.  However, by the time today’s photo was snapped, the freshly-whipped cream, piped on when it was still chilled, began to melt.  Ugh! Well, maybe not…… Continue reading Accidentally on Purpose

Fancy Name for Comfort Food

Today’s entry draws its name and inspiration from a French preparation, yet Chicken Fricassee is, pretentious label aside, an ideal comfort food blanketing against the cold.  In fact, it’s essentially Chicken and Dumplings. The bird is poached in a mix of complimentary vegetables, celery and carrots among them, and, for a personal touch, some white… Continue reading Fancy Name for Comfort Food

“…As Easy as 123…”

When the Jacksons recorded ABC, were they singing about Persian Apple Stew?  Probably.  After all, the stew’s ingredients list covers the ABCs (and then some) of flavorful elements…apples, beef, cardamom, dried apricots… They all come together to reward tasters with a medley of culinary experiences, some contrasting, all of them complimentary.  The savory broth is… Continue reading “…As Easy as 123…”